Ghost - Autoventure

Ghost anti-theft / hijacking system

• The Ghost works by disabling the accelerator and is controlled from the application downloaded on your phone.

• The system works with either an Android or IOS cell phone, With the option of a “APK” file available for download if needed.

• The system automatically arms when you are not within range of the vehicle and it also automatically disarms when you climb into the vehicle if you have your phone with you.

• The system connects with bluetooth, not cell phone signal.

• It also has a secondary fail safe system in the event that your phone battery dies.

• It has “service mode”, which allows you to temporarily disarm the system when the vehicle goes in for a service.

• The connection is secured by a chosen unique pin, and the user cannot change the pin unless they have the old pin.

• 12 Month warranty

Scan to download GHOST Application